This Blog is to honor my PTSD HERO:  Michele Rosenthal  Award-Nominated Author, Speaker, Post-Trauma CoachFounder,;  Radio Host, CHANGING DIRECTION;  Author,  BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future

Hi dear Readers. I am Bettina “Sparkles” and I desire that my writings can play a small part in the prevention of Child Abuse as well as help others to turn their lives around SOONER than I did.  Fifty years I was NOT “aware” of living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD.  Many false ideas and beliefs (FIBS) caused me to carry burdens of anger, depression, resentment, insecurity, failed relationships and many other fears.  I was unhappy and thought “that’s the way life is.” 

Not true!  We’re all empowered to heal mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles, right here and right now. I turned my life around and you can, too!

I open my heart to you in my first book, FLYING WITH GOD, Putting on a Happy Face. The memoir reveals two trauma whammies, first, growing up in Germany during WWII, and second, being abused by a family member.  All unexpressed hurtful feelings were forgotten and buried deep inside the bunker of my mind.

Yet, wearing a happy facade, I was able to function in life, explore America, my new home, and serve with pride in my “stewardess” profession of 38 years.  No one knew that all the time I  was smiling on the outside, I was actually miserable and crying on the inside.

FLYING WITH GOD is an easy read, revealing airline scoop about “the early days of flying.” It’s a personal as well as historical perspective which can be enjoyed by old and new flyers, people of all ages, and even potential flight attendants.  Vintage photos are included.

I was also guided to write another book, SET YOUR PTSD FREE, 7 Effective Ways to Heal Trauma. The mini self-help book starts with a short narrative of my Child Abuse Recall which led to diagnosis of PTSD and moves on with the sequence of recovery processes  and tools which worked for me.   

As I learned to heal conflicting, self-defeating thoughts in my mind, I grew in spiritual understanding.  The healing gave me a sense of “who” I am and “why” I am here, and has given me inner peace and appreciation for life. I am more content now than I have ever been before and wouldn’t change any of the ups and downs of my entire life.

In SET YOUR PTSD FREE, you’ll note my drastic transformation, which I’d like to pass on with my articles, blogs, books and mentoring.  I’m most grateful that I recovered from my old wounds, and that I can write about my pain of the past “without hurting anymore.”  


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