When you use my way to connect with your Inner Child (IC) it will make you happy anytime and especially at Christmas time.
Every one of us individually and all humanity globally is burnt out after dealing with the Pandemic over two years.

People around the globe can pray for each other.

Or you can also follow the old saying, “Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me.”

I did this by finding Inner Peace by having conversation with my Inner Child. IC., my little girl.

For you to start, open your journal and place a baby picture of yourself on top of page.

Start the first paragraph with
“Dear little…”    using the name, you were called first.

You then continue, “I have neglected you way too long and not acknowledged all the bad things that happened to you as a baby and young child. But I am here for you now. Believe me when I say that you did not deserve the ill treatment. I am your good new caretaker and will always keep you safe.  Would you like that?”

Little Child: “Oh, hello. I thought that you would never come to take care of me.  I am so excited.  You mean, you are really going to keep me safe?”

Adult You: “Yes, dear One. I promise you. I will also pay attention to how you feel, what you say, understand and love you?”

Little Child: “You mean it? It would be a much better way to live. It’s a new beginning.”

Adult You: “Yes, it’s a new start for both of us. We will both be happier. We can do this together.”

The above is one example of many dialogues you can have.

It will be the best Christmas present if you now, at this present time, let your inner child know it is good enough and deserves Love.

Our Inner Child feels so neglected because we often turn away from it and look on outside for happiness.
Happiness never comes from the out-side, NEVER.

Use my Soul-ution and find a joyous Christmas by connecting with you Inner Child, Guidance, or soul.