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Bettina “Sparkles” Obernuefemann was born in WWII in GERMANY. She came to America and became a Stewardess. Bettina’s “must-read” books contain personal stories about healing her experiences after experiencing child abuse and other traumas. Bettina put on a happy mask covering up her inner pain and now speaks about her healing the PTSD of these traumas. 

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Bettina’s Books Available on Amazon

Flying with God Book Bettina Sparkles
Flying With God 
Putting on a Happy Face 





Set Your PTSD Free Betina Sparkles 
Set Your PTSD Free
7 Effective Ways to Heal Trauma





Bettina "Sparkles" Obernuefemann Spirituality Modern Disciples of Jesus 
Modern Disciples of Jesus Christ





Courage Under Siege 
Courage Under Siege






The Community Book Project 2020 Project: 2020 Vision 
The Community Book Project 


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