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Memoir, PTSD, & Spirituality combined

Bettina “Sparkles” Obernuefemann
Born in WWII in GERMANY, Bettina came to America and became a Stewardess. Bettina’s “must-read” books contain personal stories about her healing experiences after experiencing child abuse and other traumas. Bettina put on a happy mask covering up her inner pain and now speaks about her healing the PTSD of these traumas. 

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Flying with God Book Bettina SparklesFlying With God 
Putting on a Happy Face 

This is not your typical “stewardess” story. I start the narrative about my abusive upbringing.
You’ll discover:
I loved my job dearly. All the while I was hurting inside and mostly felt alone &
unloved. To Learn why you will want to read this book!

Included are the nerve-wrecking interviews & other inside airline scoop with classic “stewardess” photos from l960-70.
The changes in the airline industry will be fascinating for old & young flyers or future flight attendants.

Set Your PTSD Free Betina Sparkles Set Your PTSD Free
7 Effective Ways to Heal Trauma

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This book could be titled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 101.
You may not know that 85% of our global population suffer childhood traumas.
Children cannot heal themselves which causes their unhappy adult lives.
As adults we can change.

Everyone will find a piece of themselves in this book.
I begin in simple easy to understand language by

  • describing PTSD
  • sharing my story & the processes which worked for me
  • discussing how it gave me back my self-worth & a happier life
  • including the processes that led to soul growth & the spirituality that continues to this day.

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How to Love Yourself
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Bettina "Sparkles" Obernuefemann Spirituality Modern Disciples of Jesus 
Modern Disciples of Jesus Christ

This book is channeled information because I was too weak to write in-between major surgeries during last 10 years.
My Guides nudged me! Their wisdom is easy to understand, loving and comforting.
The Reader will find answers to universal questions such as “Who” you are, “How” to experience Inner Peace” and have a happier outlook on life.

Are you ready to become a Modern Disciple?


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