Avoid Covid-19 ptsd and stress

No matter how you experience the Corona Virus Pandemic, you may have strong Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptom for years. To prevent PTSD to take root in your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies, you must take at least some of the following steps.

            Immediately share whatever you are feeling with someone you trust a family member or close friend.  The experiences may be different but common symptoms are severe anxiety, depression, anger or sadness of loss, and many more similar feelings.

            “Revealing is healing” is an important motto In the mental health community.  So, if you have no one to share with, start a FEELING JOURNAL.  For example, start writing, “Today, when I saw a young nurse, mother of three, pass on to the other side from the Virus, I was filled with sadness.”  You may have actually had tears rolling down your cheeks or were choking on them.  WRITE DOWN HOW THAT FELT.  Did it remind you of the loss of some one in your family?  Or were you feeling fear of your own death.  How terrible for you.  You must express the feeling.

            You can also have a dialogue with your Inner Self to acknowledge that your event was traumatic for you.  “Dear ____,(use your name)  you had reason to be upset.”

            Pause a moment. Let the feelings come up. Feel your feelings. 

            You may hear an Inner Voice Answer.  WRITE IT DOWN.  It may be something like, “WOW. I am glad I am recognizing this upset. I feel more compassion for me & others. It’s not getting me down so much anymore. Thanks.”

            Write as much as you like, then stop.  See how you feel the next day. Make another short “How I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW” journal entry. Keep doing this as long your experience comes popping up in your mind. I usually rate the pain from 1-10, 10 being the highest. When the number is lowered to 1, we have been successful with our self-healing.

            Your mindset may also show up in relationships. One get’s snappy.  I was accused of being a “snapping turtle” years ago.  With much counseling and healing practices I quit blasting like a “bombshell.”

            Angry reaction is another PTSD symptom I had.  Erupting like a volcano. 

            You may also be triggered to remember some childhood maltreatment.  Please address this in the same manner.

            Do you know that 86% of the global humans are abused during childhood? 

So, you are never alone in any suffering.

The above processes worked for me; you can see that they may also prevent your symptoms from becoming severe PTSD.

Heal your painful wounds sooner than later and you will be much happier.   

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