About Author


She finally faced & healed hidden festering childhood wounds, was able let go of hurts of the past, setting her free to live a more purposeful life with peace of mind.  

  • The trials of Bettina’s life’s from womb to age 50 could have kept her bitter…
  •  When diagnosed with PTSD, she made a CHOICE to get better...
  •  With Traditional & Spiritual Recovery she found her VOICE …  
  • She accepted “old false self” -Bettina and radiated her “new true self”-Sparkles 
  • “Sparkles” reminded her to honor her Inner Spark of God, her inner Spirit 
  • Her mission is to help others help themselves by sharing the tools & processes which worked for her
  • She has committed to shine and Sparkle God’s Love here on earth 
  • Bettina “Sparkles” feels a “love connection” to all Sparkles or Souls and all there  is.

Quick Glimpse of Author’s Life Story

  • BORN during WWII in Germany, lived in war-torn country for 1st ten yrs.
  • MOVED to America, experienced cultural change with fearful excitement but feeling unloved and yearning for a sense of belonging.
  • LOVED being a Stewardess/Flight Attendant for 38 years – (1965-2003).
  • LIVED with INNER TURBULENCE, “unaware” of Child Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress –PTSD-until age of 50.
  • FACED courageously old and new traumas.
  • CONSIDERS life a spiritual journey of healing giving her new confidence, increased self-worth and peace of mind.
  • PRACTICES daily her lessons Who she is & her purpose.
  • SHARES with passion: All of us can set our struggles free and live in harmony!
  • LIVES contently with her husband, Michael, for 22 years in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, USA.
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