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Bettina “Sparkles” Oberneufemann’s “must-read” books contain personal stories about healing her experiences after experiencing child abuse and other traumas. She put on a happy mask covering up her inner pain and now speaks about her healing the PTSD of these traumas.

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A Summary Bettina’s Life Story

I grew up World War II Germany the first 10 yrs. with a young seventeen year old, confused mother who abused me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & physically. My father seemed unable to express his love after coming home from war. My parents & I journeyed to  America to start a new life.

Blessed with a 38 year airline stewardess/flight attendant career which I loved dearly, life took a new shape for me.

BettinaSparkles.com My life as a stewardess

My years as an airline stewardess.

In the middle of this great job, through a “Recall” from childhood abuse, I discovered, and then recovered from PTSD, and the other hurtful traumas.

After many failed relationships, I met my present husband of 30 years, who has supported my healing.

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