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Putting on a Happy Face

A Flight Attendant Memoir

by Bettina 'Sparkles' Obernuerfemann

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This book could be renamed: FLIGHT ATTENDANTS ARE PEOPLE TOO since all souls on earth have common human problems and joys.   

The subtitle, Putting on a Happy Face, I would definitely keep because most of my life was about coping with the public while being fearful inside. I felt there was no way out. It was a helpless and hopeless feeling. Have you ever felt that way?

My journey indicates that we have the tendency to carry our old baggage into our adult lives and keep it hidden inside, intentionally or not. The old stuff makes us ever so miserable and leads us to look for love in all the wrong places like addictions. Somehow we do survive but don’t understand our unhappiness. 

The way out is by getting to know ourselves. How did we experience life from birth to the present? Are we attached to old fibs, false beliefs and ideas? They are the cause of unhappiness.

This book is my story, describing my first ten years in Germany during WWII.  It is about Hitler’s War seen through the eyes of my inner little girl.

At the same time the war was putting us in harm’s way, my family life was full of ugly emotions, rage and physical punishment. This was overwhelming and chaotic for me. What I thought was a normal upbringing is nowadays called dysfunctional.

In a chaotic, emotionally charged, fearful state of mind, I moved to America with my parents.  Ironically, I found a stewardess career that required a lot of smiling, although on the inside I had no real sense of belonging. Post Traumatic Stress or PTSD was not yet acknowledged as I grew up but I was diagnosed with childhood PTSD when I was fifty. That’s when my healing journey began. In this e-book, the Reader will find some juicy “scoop” of flight personnel and airline life of days gone by. I have also included anecdotes relating to famous people that were on my flights.

My introspection, along with action, brought peace back into my life. I call this process “putting on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.”







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